yirmiyahu final project
Updated: 6/11/2020
yirmiyahu final project
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  • don't worry yirmiyahu i will inflict punishment on them and they will die by sword
  • Perek 11
  • i feel like a lamb that is brought to the slaughter
  • Perek 18
  • as the clay is in the potters hand, you are in my hand
  • Perek 16
  • what? Why?
  • what was our sin?
  • you cant have kids here, or bury anyone that dies etc.
  • I have placed my words in your mouth
  • Hashem showed yirmiyahu that the people of Anatot wanted to kill him. Yirmiyahu uses this metaphor to explain that he didn't know they devised a plan against him, but in the end hashem pulled through for him.
  • Perek 1
  • Hashem told yirmiyahu to go to the potter's house. The potter was working on a vessel, messed up, and then made another one. Hashem showed this to yirmiyahu to explain what was going to happen.
  • Perek 36
  • I need to go into hiding. please read the scroll for all the people on a fast day. 
  • hashem tells yirmiyahu to tell bnei yisrael they cant take a wife or have any sons or daughters here, and when they ask why, he should tell them it's because their fathers worshipped other gods and didn't keep hashem's torah. They have become worse than their fathers.
  • Perek 2
  • i brought you to a land to eat of its produce and its goodness
  • Hashem came to Yirmiyahu as a child and told him he was going to be a navi. Yirmiyahu was nervous, but hashem told him he would always be with him. Yirmiyahu told hashem he saw the rod of an almond tree and a bubbling pot whose foam is toward the north, which were signs that hashem sent him.
  • Hashem comes to yirmiyahu and tells him to write a scroll with everyhthing he ever told him concerning bnei yisrael. Yirmiyahu instructed baruch to read the scroll because he had to go into hiding. Bnei yisrael reacted with fear and anger
  • The loyalty of bnei yisrael to hashem changes into idolatry. Yirmiyahu stresses the kindness hashem did for the nation by bringing them out of the desert into a good fertile land. He talks about two different praises of eretz yisrael. The physical goodness of the land, and the spiritual goodness of the land. 
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