Updated: 3/31/2020
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  • Tiki and Lola werethe best of fairy friends, they were always together never apart. They playedtogether, sang together, flew around together and danced together all the time.
  • But there was one fairy named Violetta, who was jealous of Tiki. Violetta wanted to ruin Tiki’s life because the boy Violetta thought was cute, Ferb, was always looking at Tiki.
  • Violetta tried her hardest to ruin Tiki’s life but always failed. But one day the magic teacher paired Tiki and Ferb together for a project. This made Violetta furious.
  • Violetta was trying hard to find a way to make Tiki sad, but she couldn’t find a way. An idea came to Violetta’s head. “I can take away what makes Tiki veryhappy, Lola!” she thought. Violettalet out an evil laugh while she began to plan.
  • Lola started flying with Tiki. Lola and Tiki were flying around the swings, the trees, themonkey bars, but when they got to the slide Lola fell from the sky on to the floor.
  • “Are you okay?” asked Tiki.“Why would you do that?!” shouted Lola.“What?" Violetta let out an evil laugh. She was the one that did the spell. She got Lola to argue with Tiki,just like she planned.Violetta came and “helped” Lola walked away with her.
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