Illustrating the Causes of the Civil War Storyboard

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Illustrating the Causes of the Civil War Storyboard
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Civil War Lesson Plans

History of the US Civil War

By Tara Fletcher

The Civil War is considered to be one of the most devastating events in American history. The war not only tore the nation in two, but divided families. Brothers, sons, fathers, and uncles fought against each other during Civil War battles in the bloodiest four years in America’s history.

History of the US Civil War

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Causes of Civil War | Civil Rights Act of 1866 | US Civil War

Storyboard Text

  • Northern Industry
  • Southern Agriculture
  • Issues arose when both the North and South put their needs first. Northerners were focused on their fast-paced business industry, while Southerners were dependent upon agricultural growth.
  • VS
  • Political battles took place over the scope of governmental authority.Southerners believed in authority resting in individual states. Northerners believed in the power of the federal government.
  • Slave AuctionMonday 8:00 AM
  • Religious abolitionist groups in the North found slavery morally corrupt. Southerners deeply believed in maintaining their way of life. They also claimed major economic, social, and political issues would arise that could cause chaos in the country as a result of the end of slavery.
  • Southerners believed that the election of Abraham Lincoln signaled the end of slavery due to his party affiliation.
  • Fearing that the election of Lincoln signaled the end of slavery, seven states seceded within three months. The Confederate States of America was formed, explicitly guaranteeing the legality of slavery in 1861. Rejoining the Union was one of Lincoln's goals during the Civil War.
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