Covid 19 Storyboard Tarek ElBarkoky
Updated: 5/27/2021
Covid 19 Storyboard Tarek ElBarkoky

Storyboard Text

  • Man discovers the virus in a Lab, gets infected
  • Oh dear! What is this? OH NO! ITS A VIRUS! I AM INFECTED! HELP! NOOOOOOO
  • He is in the hospital
  • Aeugh, help me, I have been coughing alot, hsve dihharea, and have fatigue
  • Mr Huei Zang , you have been infected with a new virus, it is called NcoV-2019 (Old name) it was discovered in Wuhan, the city which your lab was in, which is now in complete lockdown, on 31 december 2019, and what you are feeling are symptoms of the new virus
  • The doctors have a discussion
  • Put him on the Ventilator quickly!
  • yes Sir!
  • Mr Yu Tai, the patient is in critical condition, his symptoms are starting to wilden, he now is switching between conciousness and unconciuossnes
  • Man gets infected with the new virus, which would later spread around the lab like wildfire
  • News reaches the world
  • Ay man, dont worry, it aint reaching the US, they probably gonna take care of it
  • Yo! Daniel, did you see that new virus in china, they say its kinda crazy
  • The patient is in critical condition, he is currently in the intensive care unit, the doctor is informing him about the new virus, which he was the first person who was infected with it
  • Doctor Tu Ling informs the senior doctor, Mr Yu Tai about the critical condition of the patient, who might potentially be the first death from the virus.
  • Two brothers, Daniel and Kyle, recieve the news of the virus from the internet, then COVID-19 becomes the trending topic for a long time