Updated: 12/12/2019
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  • "Who are you?," (Moore 102)
  • "I would punch him right in the face if I was you," (Moore 102)
  • "AHHHHH!!,"
  • "I would punch him right in the face if I was you," (Moore 102)
  • "I got you,"
  • "Thanks, I needed it, again.
  • Wes and Tony went to visit a relatives house. When they entered, they came up Wes's dad. Tony tells Wes to greet him. Wes obeys and tries to wake his dad up. When his dad is woken, he asks who Wes is. Wes gets confused, angry, and happy. He didn't react violently, but just smiles and leaves.
  • Wes was furious in rage as his fathers question and Tony's endless laughter were roaming in his head. In his rage, he had the feeling to just go wild. Just go violent. He decides to punch his father dead in his face. Tony keeps laughing, and Wes stands tall over his fathers knocked out body. Wes soon leaves the room.
  • After punches his dad, his father charged him with assault. Wes went to jail for a couple of months. When he was released from prison, he needed a way to make money. He decided to keep drug dealing. He thought this was the best way for him to survive.
  • As life went on, Wes decided to stick with the criminal life and drug dealing. Everyday he thought of his father, not in a positive way though. He wanted to be the opposite of his dad and take care of his children. Unfortunately for wes he was caught drug dealing by the police and sent to jail once again. It would not be last time.
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