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3 Scientists
Updated: 9/21/2020
3 Scientists
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  • Ight so boom, DaltonBohrand Chadwick
  • Dang, forgot my mask
  • So my boy Dalton came first. He said everything made of atoms, straight facts.
  • Dalton also made a model of his atom. Was kinda wack, looked like a pool ball. nothing in it.
  • Dalton taught us that everything is made of atoms.
  • But he didn't get it all right
  • So that's when my guy Bohr popped up, and introduced the quantum theory.
  • Now Bohr comes in and he says, that those pool balls have electrons orbiting around them
  • So Bohr left us with a 2D Atom. Better than Dalton but still pretty wack,
  • So a few years pass, Dalton was 1808, Bohr was 1913. Fast-forward to 1932 , Chadwick put his spin on things.
  • See Chadwick had to dig deep. My boy found a new particle within the atom. This particle went on to be known as the neutron
  • So these 3 scientists basically completed a chain of updates for our modern atomic structure
  • His model is known as the quantum mechanical model, looks like what we use now,
  • So Chadwick pretty much perfected Dalton and Bohr's models. Just cause he's like that
  • I knew i should have stayed home.
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