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CL and English IPT Garcia, Seth G. (CL output)
Updated: 9/24/2020
CL and English IPT Garcia, Seth G. (CL output)
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Storyboard Text

  • Oswald, along with Rita, Simon, Richard and Harry are a group of mice released to the wild by ananimal care group during World War 2.
  • Wabble Your Way
  • Helping people is good!
  • The group of mice encounter a stuck parachutist on a tree, with a groupeffort; they chew off the ropes and set the American parachutist free. After helping someone, Oswald (Grey Mouse) realiseshe can be his true self helping other people.
  • Next, they encounter a group of Japanese soldiers, Oswald callstheir attention, the Japanese soldiers, being surprised, don’t believe their eyes. Having caught the soldiers’attention, Oswald speaks: “You know, helping people is better than fighting. It’s best that we help each other aseveryone benefits from it!” The Japanese soldiers, feeling wrong, turn to good people and convert to helping.Later, the speech spreads to a whole regiment of Japanese soldiers.
  • Be nice! Help people!
  • At dawn, everyone huddles to sleep in ahole dug by Richard. During the middle of the night, Rita leaves suddenly without a trace.
  • The group of micerealizing the absence of Rita start a search for her. At the start of the day, they find Rita in a cage, among a petshop. The group, shocked at the discovery of the location of Rita, rush in to help the trapped mouse. Harry,shouts “Hey! The mouse in the cage is not for humans!" The humans also shocked at a speaking mousequestion Harry while the rest work on freeing Rita.
  • The mouse in the cage is not for humans!
  • Harry says “Not every animal deserves to be domesticated,we animals don’t like being a pet” The humans nodding in agreement, help Oswald, Richard and Simon freeRita. After helping so many people, the band of mice, realize that helping each other and other people, is thebest path on living a good life
  • We should all help each other and live a good life!
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