LOTF - vanisha
Updated: 1/17/2021
LOTF - vanisha

Storyboard Text

  • What are we going to do?
  • We are stuck here oh no!
  • Its some type of shell, we can use this.
  • ohh shell we can use this conch as a speaking thing.
  • what is this?
  • Really Jack come on.
  • Almost got it!!
  • haha Jack you almost got it!
  • Hey there is this snake thing running around or beast watch out.
  • Plane crash it was attacked and shot down and now piggy ad Ralph are stuck on an Island. Ralph and piggy is worried. Plane crashed and piggy is is worried he is not gonna make it home.
  • oh no we are all going to die!
  • Piggy, Ralph , and Jack finds a shell and they think it can be used as a speaker to call people. The shell is used to communicate. The shell is useful to them but they still worried.
  • oh no guys look fire!!
  • What are we going to to!!
  • Guys where is that birthmark guy?
  • its ok your safe now
  • Jack is obsessed with hunting and he think hunting is a sport. Jack loves to hunt and catch food for them as a sport. Piggy and Ralph are having a good time watching.
  • Anyone else here ?
  • YES over there
  • Boy with mulberry birthmark mentions snake beast. Piggy is scared to death about the beast. Random guy already saw the beast.
  • trees get lit on fire and the mulberry guy goes missing. the Island is on fire and they need to evacuated. Everyone is worried they wont make it out.
  • All of them get rescued just in time before the island burned down by officer. Jack found a officer and they are saved. Piggy and Ralph make it out the fire.