The Tale of Cadmus, Part 2
Updated: 11/6/2018
The Tale of Cadmus, Part 2
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  • But no matter how long and hard he searched, Cadmus couldn’t find his sister. After all, what mortal can find what a god has hidden?
  • Besides, after Jupiter got bored and dumped Europa in Crete, she’d met and fallen deeply in love with it’s king, Asterion. She didn’t want to go home anyways.
  • Look, an Oracle! We should ask for help.
  • Realizing he could never go home, Cadmus decided to ask Apollo’s Oracle for advice on where to settle.
  • Welcome, Cadmus.
  • As he walked into the cave, the Oracle greeted him with a voice that reveberated off the walls.
  • The voice of the god Apollo came from the Oracle’s lips.
  • ...yes.
  • You are looking for a place to live, correct?
  • Very well.
  • In a field not far from here, you will find a cow. She is wild, and has never submitted to the yoke or the plow. Follow her until she lays down for rest. Where she stops, build a great city and name it Thebes.
  • Now go, Cadmus. Follow your destiny.
  • When he walked outside of the cave, he saw her...
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