They Both Die at the End

They Both Die at the End

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On September 5th, before the time of midnight a group who called themselves Death-Cast calls Mateo Torres and Rufus Emeterio and tell them horrifying news about how they are going to die in the next 24 hours. Mateo and Rufus are totally strangers at first, but for some reason they decided they wanted to make 1 last friend before they pass. so they go on this cool app that helps you make that 1 last friend called the "Last Friend app" and through that app they became friends and had 1 great adventure that would live a lifetime only in a single day.

Storyboard Text

  • Death-Cast
  • Death-Cast
  • Mateo is in his apartment reading yesterday's cover of Countdowners in his bedroom when his phone begins to ring.
  • In another part of town, Rufus is beating up his ex-girlfriend Aimee's new boyfriend Peck outside while two of Rufus's friends, Tagoe and Malcolm, standby and watch. While fighting, Rufus's phone begins to ring. 
  • Mateo and Rufus both look at their phones and find a organization by the name of Death-Cast calling them.  They hesitate to answer since they both are familiar with the organization's bad reputation. Eventually, after about 3 calls Mateo an Rufus answers their phones and Death-Cast tells them they are going to die in the next 24 hours. 
  • Rufus and his friends Tagoe and Malcom ride their bikes home. Once home, Tagoe and Malcolm, who called themselves the Pluto's, decides to have a funeral for Rufus before he passes away. The only problem is that when they begin the funeral a cop shows up to arrest Rufus. Rufus's friend tells him to leave out the back of the house while they cover for him to make an escape.
  • Visiting hours ended at nine, I'm afraid.
  • Rufus and Mateo go on an app the "Last Friend App" and find each other. They start texting once they find one other then, texting turns into FaceTiming one another. Later once there done chatting they want to meet up face to face for the first time.
  • When Rufus meets Mateo at his apartment Mateo wants to see his father who is in a coma in the hospital. So they go to the train station, but they get spilt up rushing into the train.
  • Rufus realizes he is in a party cart and stays for a while. When he is over there he is asked a question from a girl named cassie, but he declines to that question and then goes to the same cart Mateo is in.  Soon enough they are at the hospital and they go in.
  • Hi. I'd like to see my father. Mateo Torrez in Intensive Care.
  • They get the passes after a little bit of a misunderstanding. As soon as they get up the stairs Mateo  
  • I wonder where the Pluto's are.
  • They get there passes and make there way upstairs. As they start walking Rufus starts to get impatinet so he starts sprinting up the stairs and Mateo follows him. As Mateo starts running out of breathe he trips and Rufus comes back helping Mateo then they continue as if nothing happened.
  • Better forward then backward.
  • That was such a kid fall.
  • When they finally make it to the eighth floor Mateo pushes open the double blue doors and shows the nurse his visitor pass so then he can go to the room and see his father to say goodbye. While Mateo says goodbye to his father Rufus waits outside the double blue doors and sees if he can spot what happened to the pluto's.
  • When Mateo goes into his fathers room Mateo writes a letter behind a photo then he leaves it on the top of the chest drawer that's beside his fathers bedside. A nurse named Elizabeth who has been watching Mateo's father for a couple weeks comes in and asks to know more about Mateo's dad. That's when Rufus comes in during the middle of what Mateo was saying about his father.
  • It sometimes feels like whiplash, like I was walking on the Coney Island beach with him where he proposed to my mother the first time
  • the first time?
  • Can you tell me a bit about him? I've been taking care of him for a couple weeks and all I know about his personal life is he wear mismatched socks and has a great son.
  • Sorry man, You good?
  • *humming a song called "Take This Waltz" by Leornard Cohen*
  • Maybe I should turn back.
  • Got a dollar? Any change? 
  • Tells him give that guy some money. I have 18 bucks how much do you have?
  • I have 20.
  • When Elizabeth and Rufus leave Mateo starts holding his dad's hand then starts humming a song by the late Leonard Cohen called "Take This Waltz." After a couple minutes Rufus comes to see if Mateo is ready to go, but little did Rufus know he was walking in to see Mateo humming to his father.      
  • Thank you!
  • here you go sir.
  • When Mateo and Rufus are ready to leave they go downstairs and leave the hospital, but before they leave though Rufus unchains and grabs his bike. Mateo is thinking of turning back, but he doesn't and continues exploring with Rufus. They cross the street and sees a homeless man who needs money.
  • Sure. Sounds good.
  • Mateo and Rufus quickly pass the homeless man with there heads down, but before they go off that street Mateo decides that he wants to give that homeless guy some money. So, he checks his pockets and finds 18 bucks then asks Rufus and Rufus only has 20 bucks. 
  • Nope, not kidding.
  • The homeless man was so grateful he even gave Mateo a hug and put on a smile of joy on his facce as he walked off. So they start walking an Mateo makes a statement on how you shouldn't just do a good deed hoping to get something good in return.
  • Soon Mateo spots a ATM at the corner and approaches it while Rufus watches his back. Mateo withdraws $400 from his bank account. When Mateo is done they decide to get something to eat at the Cannon Cafe which was close by.
  • How come you told Rae we were dying? Doesn't that mess with her day?
  • I guess. But dying is screwing with my day and there isn't anything I can do about it.
  • Hey Mateo wanna go grab something to eat at the Cannon Café?
  • When the Waitress, Rae comes over she is polite, but she asked a question which she thought was going to be a no. She asks if there serious about it and are not just lying to get free food.
  • We should go to the Travel Arena. It's the best way to travel the world in a single day. CountDowners speak highly of it.
  • 2. Are you okay? Sick? You're not pranking me for a free meal, are you?
  • 1. what did you get the alert or something? *little bit of laughter*
  • When being asked by Rae what they would like to eat they have no option so they ask her what she usually gets and they both got that. They have no clue what it is but Mateo is really hoping it isn't fish.
  • 5. I'll have the same thing he is having.
  • 3. I hope its not fish. Please don't let it be fish.
  • 2. I usually get the grilled chicken salad.
  • 1. I don't know what to eat what do you usually get here, Rae? 
  • 4. Then I'll have that.
  • As soon as Rae left to get what they ordered Mateo asks Rufus why he told her about them dying. Rufus gives him an explanation but Rufus doesn't really understand why Mateo a not telling Lidia about him dying is a good thing.
  • After that tiny disagreement Mateo and Rufus have a conversation about things they've done while they eat their food they ordered.  When they are finished Mateo wants to pay for it even though Rae said she was going to.
  • I never read that stuff.
  • The Plutos still haven't responded to a single text or phone call.
  • Are you sure you want to block Lidia?
  • No
  • *breathes Not trying to sound impassionate, but if you wanna go back to you best friend or dad and ditch me I wont be chasing after you.
  • When they are done they decide to head to Lidia's apartment, but Rufus waits outside while Mateo heads in. When Mateo heads in Lidia's place he starts up helping out. When Mateo started cleaning Rufus waited outside wondering about the Pluto's.
  • While Mateo and Lidia are chatting and cleaning around the place Mateo is scared of what Lidia would do if she found out he was dying. As soon as they were finished Mateo leaves cash for Lidia and they are about to take out the trash. Mateo runs out with the trash down the stairs and blocks Lidia's number.
  • Yes
  • When Mateo runs out the door he throws the trash away and  grabs Rufus. They run as fast as they can and when they stop Rufus gives a little bit of an impassionate speech to Mateo. Letting him know that he can go where he wants, but Rufus isn't gonna chase after him.
  • You sounded pretty impassionated to me.

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