The Prince and the Flea pt 3

Updated: 10/12/2021
The Prince and the Flea pt 3

Storyboard Text

  • I will show you to your tomb -- I mean room!
  • Help!
  • I suppose I will get some rest and find a way out in the morning. . .
  • She, acting nice, led him into the castle, down many hallways.
  • I must help the prince!
  • The prince was led to a room, but before the prince could figure out where he was, she slammed the door upon him. Securing the door with many locks.
  • I can pick the lock and get inside!
  • The room the prince was imprisoned in was cold and damp, and all that there inside was a bench with a thin blanket on it, and a candle upon a shelf, and there was a window, but it was barred. There was not a single soul around to help him.
  • Thank you, thank you!
  • I am coming to save you!
  • The flea had watched the prince come up the path and soon found out that he was locked in a room. She then decided that she must help the poor prince, so she set out on a long flight to the room where the prince was and she had to keep out of sight of the evil godmother.
  • She then set off to get him out of the room. Since she was so small this was a simple task. All she had to do was fly in through the lock and pick it open.
  • After she had picked up the lock, the prince was set free! Now they had to escape the castle.