Classical Theory
Updated: 6/11/2020
Classical Theory
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Ch 3

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  • 2 years later
  • My mom said "be home before dark" HA I'll be back when I'm ready.
  • Brian, I know it's wrong, I know my punishment. I just don't care
  • Dude are you CRAZY?! She's going to kill you
  • This is Marty McFly, an 18 year old risk taker. Marty is rarely ever following the rules.
  • The next day...
  • You're VERY irrational, you don't weigh out the pros and cons, and you don't even worry about the punishments I give out
  • You remind me of everything I learned in my criminology class about Bentham and the Classical Theory!
  • What're you even talking about Mom?
  • Look Brian, if you aren't buying, I don't want to talk to you. I know it's risky but I got this
  • It's just like you don't care that selling drugs is wrong... you've been this way since we were teenagers man
  • 5 years later...
  • I remember the Jensons mentioning a vacation, I could go around back and get a me a new PS5
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jenson?! What're you doing here???
  • I already called the police Marty. They are on the way!
  • No what are YOU doing here Marty!!!
  • The Next day at the McFly Residence
  • No Brian... don't apologize. You and I both know he isn't a very rational person
  • I'm so sorry Mrs. McFly, I've always tried to keep Marty out of trouble. He just wouldn't listen
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