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Anti Bullying Lesson Plans

About one in five students each year is bullied in some way, shape, or form (Stop Bullying 2017). The impact of bullying on the victim is immense, usually leading to increased anxiety, depression, and loss of interest. These effects usually continue into teenage years and adulthood. It’s imperative to talk about this with your students, especially with visual aids and scenarios. Through the creation of "fictional" scenarios, students will be able to better recognize the signs and effects of bullying on themselves and their peers, and help each other take a stand.

Student Activities for Bullying

Essential Questions for Bullying

  1. What is bullying?
  2. What are the long-term effects on a victim of bullying?
  3. Why do bullies oppress their victims?

Bullying in School

Bullying has been a prolonged problem throughout adolescent years, especially during school. When talking about this with parents, it may be swept under the rug or seen as a part of growing up. But we can see first-hand the impact bullying has on vulnerable youth, especially as a part of the educational system. Children need a safe learning environment where they can develop interpersonal skills without fear of ridicule.

Addressing a complicated issue like bullying will not resolve the problem in a day or one lesson. It should be the topic of discussion throughout a child’s educational experience. The activities above can be modified and adapted for different developmental levels. These activities will challenge students to emphasize with a victim, practice realistic scenarios, and engage the students visually with terminology.

Additional Bullying Activity Ideas

  1. Why do bullies bully? Students create a few cells showing reasons why people bully others (example: own insecurities).
  2. Empathy - Students fill in blank cells showing the effect of bullying and positive comments.
  3. Walk a Mile in Others' Shoes - Students create stories of people who are common victims of bullying to humanize victims.
  4. Students create Anti-Bully PSA posters.

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