Activity Overview

Many people made notable contributions in establishing the United States and its government. Among these luminaries are the founding fathers. Remembering these men and their significant contributions is simple with a storyboard. Students can create and chart relevant information about any historical figures in a way that is fun and engaging. They may choose to highlight each individual in their own cell, or create a narrative that describes how they worked toward the compromises of the Constitution.

Students can choose to use the following Founding Fathers:

  • George Washington
  • James Madison
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Alexander Hamilton
  • John Adams
  • Samuel Adams
  • Thomas Jefferson

Alternate/Extended Activity

As an alternative activity, or a second step to this activity, check out our biography poster activity that can be easily customized for any era in history. Students can use this to focus on one of the founding fathers and create a more detailed biography of their beliefs, life, and careers.

Template and Class Instructions

(These instructions are completely customizable. After clicking "Copy Activity", update the instructions on the Edit Tab of the assignment.)

Student Instructions

Create a storyboard highlighting key founding fathers and how they worked toward the Constitution.

  1. Click "Start Assignment".
  2. In the description boxes, create a narrative a summary of each person and their beliefs.
  3. Create an illustration using appropriate scenes, characters, and items.

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