US History - Founding Fathers
Updated: 8/31/2018
US History - Founding Fathers
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By Rebecca Ray

One of my favorite parts of History class in high school was when my teacher would do a ‘tidbit of the week’. Each week he would introduce one notable event from the unit we were covering, disguised as a trivia question. Perhaps it was about the completion of Mount Rushmore or “Hoovervilles” during the Great Depression. Whatever the notable event or information was, he made it intriguing with integration into the lesson.

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Constitutional Convention

Lesson Plans by Matt Campbell

The United States Constitution has become the most important document ever created in American history. The delegates who met in Philadelphia in 1787 were given the arduous task of creating a government that firmly guaranteed freedom, liberty, and justice. Many of the members of the Constitutional Convention witnessed the incredibly challenging task of declaring independence from Britain and now once again, they were forced to fight to establish freedom. Compromise would become integral in the pursuit of progress in the summer of 1787. The ideals set forth by the new Constitution did not come easy, but as the newly established republic would find out, the years of compromise would lead to a much stronger and unified Union.

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  • It is necessary that we discuss freedom of religion, for our nation was founded by those seeking freedom to practice their beliefs.
  • I beg to differ, we must ensure that all men have a right to knowledge!
  • The Constitutional Convention was initiated by the founding fathers. A principal person of influence was George Washington, not only did he start the discussion, but he also acted as the moderator.
  • We mustn't forget the way Britain has taxed us without representation.
  • James Madison felt freedom of Religion was an extremely important issue in the founding of the United States.
  • "In those wretched countries where a man cannot call his tongue his own, he can scarce call anything his own." ​
  • Benjamin Franklin's feeling was that public education was the most important. He said, "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."
  • Let us be settled! I have a ​compromise. We will address all issues in the Constitution.
  • Madison, did an extensive study of other world governments, he figured that America needed a strong federal government to help regulate the states. He also felt the government should be set up with checks and balances.
  • Franklin also lobbied for the fundamental freedoms that are outlined in the Constitution. These include rights like freedom of speech. ​
  • The founding fathers decided that the best way for all the needs to be met would be to compromise. Therefore, the first amendment gives the freedom of religion, speech, and press. While the other amendments address the needs of the people.
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