Spanish Boot Verbs Lesson Plans

In present tense, there is a category of verbs called Spanish boot verbs, or Spanish stem changing verbs, because the stem of the Spanish verb changes and forms a boot shape when placed in a verb conjugation table. The tables below illustrate this change as well as the boot shape, highlighted in blue.

There are three categories of boot verbs:

  • vowel changes o → ue
  • vowel changes e → ie
  • vowel changes e → i

DORMIR (Example of o → ue)
duermo dormimos
duermes dormís
duerme duermen
PENSAR (Example of e → ie)
pienso pensamos
piensas pensáis
piensa piensan
PEDIR (Example of e → i)
pido pedimos
pides pedís
pide piden

Student Activities for Spanish Boot Verbs

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