Graphic Organizer for Graphic Organizers

Graphic Organizer for Graphic Organizers
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Graphic Organizers

Types of Graphic Organizers on Storyboard That

by Natasha Lupiani

A graphic organizer is a tool or framework that allows you to collect, relate, and/or present information visually. They can take many forms, and include favorites such as the Venn diagram, story webs, and concept maps. Information presented in an easy-to-read format can enhance thinking, spark new ideas, and maintain focus on the topic or task at hand. A graphic organizer is intended to provide structure to ideas or concepts, making it easy to collect or add information. Once completed, it serves as a presentation or study model.

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Storyboard Description

What is a graphic organizer? This frayer model graphic organizer will tell you! Use graphic organizers in the classroom for a variety of assignments and projects.

Storyboard Text

  • Definitions
  • A graphic organizer is a tool for collecting and presenting information visually.
  • Characteristics
  • • Titles, headings, and/or labels • Specific locations for information (pictures, symbols, or words) • Short descriptions (bullets or limited sentences) • Adequate spacing
  • Examples
  • Graphic Organizer
  • A
  • B
  • Non Examples
  • One non-example of a graphic organizer would be a long string of text (like this one). Cramming a lot of words into a space and expecting someone to be able to read it all and RETAIN it is not the best strategy for visual learners or for quick sharing of information. How many PowerPoint presentations have you seen with big blocks of text on the slide and nothing else? Can you honestly say that you were engaged with those presentations?
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