Kwanzaa Narrative

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Kwanzaa Narrative
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Winter Holiday Classroom Activities

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Winter Holiday - Kwanzaa

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  • My Best Kwanzaa
  • Angie! What can I do?
  • Phew!
  • A story by Angelica Woodland
  • Bother somebody else!
  • My family has always celebrated Christmas and Kwanzaa. The "holiday season" is pretty intense for us. Christmas, Kwanzaa, and then New Year's Day all in a row! It's amazing!
  • Grab the bag of produce in the fridge.
  • Grab the what?
  • Christmas Day and the first day of Kwanzaa are always the busiest. In addition to eating and playing, we have to prepare for the next stage of our holiday celebration! This year was the first time my sister Tyra got involved.
  • So, there are four corns for the four kids? I get it!
  • At first, she was just in the way and really annoying. Like usual.
  • Tyra was still really young, and didn't remember much from previous years. Mom gave me "the look" and I knew I had to teach Tyra.
  • She didn't know anything. It was so frustrating. So I started talking about the mkeka and what we placed on it; you know, the basics. She loved it.
  • When I got to the part about collective work and responsibility, I realized something about myself. Even though my sister was annoying, it was part of my responsibility to let her know what to do. I was totally rocking ujima already.
  • Yo, don't drop the kinara!
  • For as long as I can remember, I always knew about the seven days, symbols, and principles. But this year, I really saw how I fit into it all. Thank you annoying sister, you showed me the way.
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