A Medieval Feast Feudal System

Updated: 3/26/2019
A Medieval Feast Feudal System
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The King announces he will make the long journey to Camdenton Manor. The lord of the manor knows that it takes a lot to prepare for the King and his men, so he sets off to work immediately. The lord and his men hunt for animals and fish for the great feast. The lord’s serfs help pick vegetables and fruits, clean the manor and ready the rooms, set up for the horses and horsemen, and cook the food for the feast. Lots of work goes into this preparation and when the King arrives, it does not go unnoticed. The great feast goes well and the King and his people enjoy many great dishes like boar’s head, cow’s tongue, pudding, meat pies, and fish tarts.

A Medieval Feast

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A Medieval Feast by Aliki Feudal System

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