Amos and Boris - Compare and Contrast

Amos and Boris - Compare and Contrast
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Amos and Boris by William Steig

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This book is a great way to introduce key lessons to elementary students, including comparing and contrasting, picking up on key themes, and analyzing vocabulary words. Including storyboards in these activities will enhance creativity and comprehension due to the visual nature of storyboarding!

Amos and Boris

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Amos and Boris by William Steig | Compare and Contrast Activity

Storyboard Text

  • - mammals - friendly - learn a valuable lesson - love the ocean - respect each other
  • AMOS
  • whale • lives in the sea • grand • rich voice • huge • bulk • powerful
  • Amos and Boris have many things in common!
  • mouse • lives on land • tiny • delicate • dainty • light touch • small voice • gemlike radiance
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