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My Father's Dragon Theme
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My Father’s Dragon is an exciting read-aloud for young children. In the story, Elmer Elevator explores Wild Island on a rescue mission to save a baby dragon. He encounters frightening sights, but his quick thinking and ingenuity prove no match for anyone standing in his way. This funny and creative story will capture the attention of all readers!

My Father's Dragon

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My Father's Dragon Theme

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  • This didn't bother my father. He kept walking and slept on the beach again that night.
  • "Not one has come back alive. We think they were eaten by the wild animals."
  • "But this is special chewing gum. If you keep on chewing it long enough it will turn green, and then if you plant it, it will grow more chewing gum."
  • Elmer is very brave when he defeats the lion with a comb.
  • A fisherman, shaking while talking, tells Elmer that people have tried to explore Wild Island, but never returned. Elmer is brave because he did not let this bother him, and he kept on his journey to the dragon.
  • Elmer gets surrounded by seven tigers. He is not scared, instead he uses his quick thinking and gives the tigers 'special' chewing gum. This distracts the tigers so Elmer can escape.
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