The Sign Painter - Adjectives

The Sign Painter - Adjectives
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The Sign Painter by Allen Say

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The Sign Painter is a haunting story about choices in one's life and chasing your dreams. Engage students with activities and ignite discussion with Storyboard That!

Teaching Adjectives with SBT

Teaching Adjectives

By Jessica Miller

As an ENL teacher, I've been using and experimenting with Storyboard That to explore the many ways it can be used to teach. It isn't just a way to tell stories and make comics; it has a variety of layout options that are perfect for creating engaging activities for students. When teaching about adjectives, I use the various storyboard layouts to reinforce different ways of learning.

Sign Painter, The

Storyboard Description

The Sign Painter Adjectives activities

Storyboard Text

  • "They peered into gaping windows of empty houses with not a single piece of furniture inside."
  • "The man leapt backward. The swerving car barely missed him."
  • Here's some eye drops!
  • "But when the last billboard came into sight, they rubbed their blurry eyes."
  • "Then he turned the other way, where the bus had gone, and saw a lighted window two blocks away."
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