The Sign Painter - Theme
Updated: 8/30/2018
The Sign Painter - Theme
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The Sign Painter by Allen Say

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A young boy comes into town looking for work. He finds a sign shop and decides to head inside. A man hires the boy to paint a billboard. The man finds that the boy is a very good artist. As they are finishing the billboard, a stranger in a white car pulls up. Words are exchanged between the stranger and the man, and then an envelope is handed to the man. The man then asks the boy if he would like to work with him painting a dozen billboards.

The Sign Painter

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  • I keep wondering, who'll know the difference if I put mountains in the background, even just a cloud?
  • ArrowStar
  • Son, when someone pays you to paint a woman, will you give him a landscape?
  • ...imagine it, all lit up at night...Had the name for years...But we'll advertise...we can only hope.
  • The boy in the story wants to be a painter. He wants to paint more details on the ArrowStar billboards, but the man never lets him, and he doesn't understand why. At the end, the boy chooses not to continue work with the man, and he heads off in search of his dreams.
  • The man in the white suit had a dream to build ArrowStar. He is in the midst of achieving his dream and the boy and the man hope he succeeds.
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