The Storm - Vocabulary

The Storm - Vocabulary
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The Lighthouse Family Lesson Plans

The Lighthouse Family: The Storm by Cynthia Rylant

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The Lighthouse Family: The Storm by Cynthia Rylant is the first story in the popular series. The book introduces how the beloved Lighthouse Family came to be. Readers will fall in love with this unconventional family, and beg to read more titles in the series.

Lighthouse Family: The Storm, The

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The Lighthouse Family The Storm vocabulary

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  • I will never make a field goal.
  • JOLT
  • (Adj.) in low spirits from loss of hope or courage "He thought he would be despondent. He thought he would be depressed."
  • (N.) a roofed structure that offers an open view of the surrounding area "I will build a gazebo at the top of the daisy-hill."
  • (V.) to move abruptly or violently "Seabold was jolted from sleep by a sharp crack of lightning, a deep roar of thunder, and an enormous crashing wave."
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