Where Do Polar Bears Live? Arctic Animals

Where Do Polar Bears Live? Arctic Animals
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Where do Polar Bears Live? Lesson Plans

Where Do Polar Bears Live? by Sarah Thomson

Lesson Plans by Ashley Trudeau

Where Do Polar Bears Live? by Sarah Thomson is a great reference book for children learning about polar bears and the Arctic. With a somewhat fiction feel, this book entices the reader with illustrations and many facts about polar bears and their cubs. Students will learn about these fascinating creatures and also about the future of the Arctic and its inhabitants.

Where Do Polar Bears Live?

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Where Do Polar Bears Live Arctic Animal Facts - polar animals

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  • The arctic fox is covered with thick white fur during the winter, and grey-brownish fur during the summer. Seasonal variations in the color of the fur ensure camouflage.
  • The bearded seal gets its name from its thick, light-colored whiskers, which resemble a beard.
  • Lemmings do not hibernate, they endure the tough Arctic winters. The lemming has special protection from the cold from its thick fur.
  • Walruses are cinnamon brown in color. They are able to turn their hind flippers forward to aid in movement on land.
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