Your World - Symbols

Your World - Symbols
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Your World Lesson Plans

Your World by Georgia Douglas Johnson

Lesson Plans by Ashley Trudeau

“Your World” is a remarkable poem with a message of perseverance. It describes the journey of a person recognizing their potential in the world, using a bird in flight as a metaphor to represent a person “flying” free from the limitations that would keep them from reaching their fullest potential.

Your World

Storyboard Description

Your World Poem Symbols | Your World by Georgia Douglas Johnson

Storyboard Text

  • "In the narrowest nest in a corner, My wings pressing close to my side."
  • "Wings" in this poem symbolize a person's abilities. In the first stanza, they keep their wings by their side. The person doesn't think they can succeed. In the third stanza, the wings are open and ready for flight. The person realizes their potential.
  • "I battered the cordons around me And cradled my wings on the breeze Then soared to the uttermost reaches With rapture, with power, with ease!"
  • The "horizon" symbolizes a dream or goal that the person wants to achieve.
  • "But I sighted the distant horizon Where the skyline encircled the sea And I throbbed with a burning desire To travel this immensity."
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