Moon over Manifest Themes
Updated: 12/29/2016
Moon over Manifest Themes
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Moon Over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool

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Part mystery, part coming-of-age tale, Moon Over Manifest follows twelve-year-old Abilene Tucker as she tries to make sense of her father’s past and her own present. Left to stay in Manifest, Kansas with Pastor Shady Howard, Abilene feels abandoned by her father. Learning about his past helps her understand him better and ultimately reunite with him. Set in both 1917 and 1936, the novel provides rich historical context along with a heartwarming emphasis on the importance of family and community. Young readers will also be exposed to a mixture of text formats, as Vanderpool weaves her story through multiple narrators, flashbacks, letters, and newspaper articles.
The Writing Process

The Writing Process

By Bridget Baudinet

Good writers are not born; they are made. Producing a quality piece of writing - whether it be a novel, a screenplay, a poem, or an editorial - takes time and effort. There are many different formulas for the writing process, but the basic steps involve prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. Good writers who follow these steps can ensure a product to be proud of.

Moon Over Manifest

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Moon over Manifest Themes

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  • You could be a spy. You can't be too careful around those of unknown heritage...
  • At the fair, Lance Devlin brags about enlisting in the army. He mocks Ned for being too poor to enlist, then suggests that he might be an enemy spy since his ethnic heritage is unknown.
  • Many of the women in town are prejudiced against Miss Sadie due to her Hungarian heritage, accent, and clothing. They do not allow her to submit a square for the Victory Quilt that is to be signed by President Roosevelt.
  • Ned is taken away from his mother when they arrive in America. When Miss Sadie finally tracks him down years later, he has been adopted by an American family. Miss Sadie decides not to reveal her identity in order to spare him the humiliation and and prejudice she experiences.
  • Shift ends at midnight, when the Italians get here.
  • The 1917 flashbacks begin with Jinx and Ned running into a KKK rally. The KKK is strong in Manifest because of its large immigrant population. The klan members object to the different races, nationalities, and religions of the immigrants.
  • Arthur Devlin takes advantage of the immigrants' need for work by making them work long hours for low pay. He encourages tension between ethnic groups by refusing to let different nationalities work together. He hopes this will prevent them from working against him.