Locked in the castle - part 2
Updated: 4/28/2021
Locked in the castle - part 2

Storyboard Description

Here we are again, but our princess, Anastasia is not so happy. She is a real lady, and now she need to sleep in that "very rustic" room! But don't worry, she will do this! And also, she heard something in the secret room... That will change everything! Find more of my stories and the continue of this story! Codexgirl

Storyboard Text

  • Okay, I thought I was going to get lost, but isn't that a little bit exaggeration!?
  • Hats Hats
  • I'll be locked here for a half year in that dusty, dirty and old castle!
  • Shoes Shoes
  • Books Books
  • Oh, that's a real NIGHTMARE!
  • Clothes Clothes
  • Okay, deep breath Anastasia! It could be much worse! Pack out your things and go down to have dinner!
  • I can't wait to teach out this little girl! He will be working as a servant for half a year and on top of that she will even help with our big project! Without her know! Ha ha ha ha ha!
  • I'm rather going a little earlier, this castle is enough big...
  • Half an hour before dinner:
  • Ah, somebody is coming! I must hide out!
  • We just have to be careful to she don't find the secret rooms!
  • Great! Now, I will go down to the dining room a little earlier, so she going to be late. Because of that she will scrubbing the floor!
  • There won't be any time for looking, if I give her some things to do, Miss!
  • Aunt Anette?!
  • I won't be a servant! I have to go the dining room sooner than Aunt Annette!