Matilda Vocabulary

Matilda Vocabulary
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Matilda by Roald Dahl

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Matilda by Roald Dahl is a novel about an extraordinary young girl. Despite having a family who doesn't care about her, Matilda’s brilliance, charm, and special powers keep readers rooting for her from beginning to end. This is a great lesson plan for elementary to teach figurative language, themes, and analyzing characters.


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Matilda Vocabulary lesson plan

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  • (adj.) Greatly disappointed or horrified. Example from the text: "Matilda was appalled. Was this really where her teacher lived?"
  • (adj.) Involved in making secret plans. Example from the text: "Already Lavender's scheming mind was going over the possibilities that this water-jug job had opened up for her."
  • (n.) A remarkable person, thing, or event. Example from the text: "It is an unexplainable thing. The right word for it is a phenomenon."
  • I did it with my eyes! It felt wonderful!
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