Cinderella Theme

Updated: 2/10/2021
Cinderella Theme
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The Cinderella fairy tale has been adored by children all over the world for centuries. Since the Brothers Grimm version was published in 1812, thousands of other versions have been written and retold. All of them share the endearing main character, Cinderella, who is taken for granted despite her pure and kind heart.


Storyboard Description

Have students illustrate themes in Cinderella with this activity!

Storyboard Text

  • I can't believe she thought she could go to the ball!
  • Get to work, Cinderella, you ugly girl!
  • Cinderella's kindness is evident in the way she treats the animals, and other people.
  • Cinderella's sisters are ugly because of their cruelty.
  • Beauty Comes From Within
  • Cinderella's true beauty is rewarded with a gift from her fairy godmother.