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Smile by Raina Telaemeier Powerpoint by Leah Hart Third Hour March 1, 2017

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  • Smile by Raina Telaemeier
  • Raina is the main character who tells about her problems from middle school through high school.
  • main character/protagonis
  • Raina's mother and father are supportive and love her very much. Raina thinks her mother has too many rules and loves her dad's jokes.
  • main characters
  • Will is Raina's little brother who is a bit annoying. Her little sister Amara is often jealous of the attention Raina gets after losing her two front teeth.
  • minor characters
  • Smile takes place in San Francisco CA. It has three important settings. The settings change as each event unfolds.
  • A lot of the story is in Raina's middle school. It moves between the hallways, the cafeteria, the band class and the school yard.
  • Raina's home is another main setting. The scenes shift from room to room as the story unfolds.
  • The third setting is the dentist office. Here is where Raina gets her braces and headgear. It is also where work is done on her two missing teeth.
  • One of Raina's main problems was falling and losing her two front teeth.
  • OW!
  • Another problem was caused by how she looked in her braces and headgear.
  • antagonist
  • You got braces ?
  • Raina had problems with friends bullying her.
  • raina come out!
  • Raina had problems with being teased about zits.
  • OMG I have zits on my face
  • LOL!
  • Raina and her friends have crushes on boys which always causes problems
  • Raina struggles with emotions and insecurities about growing up.
  • minor characters
  • Raina's life was even complicated by an earthquake!
  • Rising action
  • Raina begins to find herself when she enters high school and makes new friends.
  • blah blah blah blah blah blah
  • The resolution of all Ranina's problems come when she has her final surgery and loves her smile.
  • event
  • conflict/falling action
  • This book was written in comic book style making it fun to read.
  • He really did that
  • event
  • I loved how the author used sound effects and language that real middle school kids use.
  • event
  • crash
  • climax
  • This was a true story of the life of the author and the problems she had during this time in her life.
  • rising action
  • The book Smile was from the #1 New York Times best seller author.
  • The book Sisters is a followup story to Smiles. It is a Graphic Novel also.
  • resolution
  • Boom
  • Pow
  • New York New York

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