Testimonial - Example
Updated: 12/20/2019
Testimonial - Example
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By Josh Bumcrot

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Storyboard Description

Testimonial example for product development and video marketing

Storyboard Text

  • Testimonial Person 1 - Problem
  • Testimonial Person 1 - Solution with Your Product
  • Product Intro
  • Audio: I was also missing out on free food at work. When I did hear about it, I would run to the kitchen but by the time I got there it was all gone.
  • Testimonial Person 2 - quick story
  • Audio: Until I downloaded SoLoMoFoo!
  • Testimonial Person 3 - quick story
  • VO: SoLoMoFoo is a mobile app that allows users to be notified when food is available in common places
  • Summary with Call to Action
  • Go to SoLoMoFoo.com and sign up today
  • Audio: SoLoMoFoo makes me so much happier at work
  • Audio: SoLoMoFoo allows me to know when there's free food at school. Great way to save money!
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