Death of a Salesman Scene
Updated: 7/26/2019
Death of a Salesman Scene
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Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller

Lesson Plans by Rebecca Ray

Death of a Salesman is a play written and set during 1949. Arthur Miller used his play to represent a social drama and tragedy embodying the unattainable and elusive American Dream. His protagonist, Willy Loman, is a salesman whose disillusionment ends with his suicide.

Death of a Salesman

Storyboard Description

In this activity, students will illustrate a significant or pivotal scene in Death of a Salesman

Storyboard Text

  • Previously on Death of a Salesman... Biff Loman has come to visit Willy and Linda. He and his brother Happy chat about their youth and Willy falls into a daydream.
  • Lonesome, heh?
  • Missed you every minute.
  • Like Uncle Charley?
  • Tell you a secret, boys. Someday I'll have my own business.
  • Bigger than Uncle Charley! Because Charley is...not well liked.
  • I went north to Providence. Met the Mayor.
  • Where'd you go this time, Dad?
  • The Mayor of Providence! What did he say?
  • Morning!
  • You got a fine city here, Mayor.
  • Then I went to Waterbury... A fine city. Big clock city.
  • And then Boston....and on to Portland and Bangor and straight home!
  • Promise?
  • Soon as summer comes.
  • Gee, I'd love to go with you sometime, Dad
  • I'll show you all the towns. American is full of beautiful towns and fine, upstanding people.
  • They know me up and down New England. The finest people. There'll be open sesame for all of us, 'cause one thing, boys: I have friends.
  • Yeah! you bet!
  • This summer, heh?
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