Of Plymouth Plantation Vocabulary

Updated: 9/10/2020
Of Plymouth Plantation Vocabulary
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Of Plymouth Plantation Lesson Plans

Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford

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Begun in 1630 and completed in 1647, William Bradford’s account of the Pilgrims’ journey, survival, and flourishing in the New World is considered by historians to be one of the most accurate historical accounts of the Plymouth Colony. The manuscript was passed down through the family, lost, and eventually recovered in England. It was not published until 1847. Bradford’s narrative is unique, because his focus was not on himself, as other writers trying to drum up excitement about the New World often did in their own writings. Instead, Bradford focused on how the Pilgrims, as a community, overcame many obstacles together, with their faith as the focus of their survival. Bradford wrote with a Providential view; that is, he saw their struggles and their accomplishments as being guided by the hand of God.

Of Plymouth Plantation

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Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford - Vocabulary lesson plans

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  • n. plural of brothers; often used to denote fellow male members of a religious order
  • n. serious danger; jeopardy; at grave risk
  • adj. disrespectful; vulgar
  • n. a disease common among sailors; caused by a lack of vitamin C; characterized by fatigue and spots on the skin
  • adj. disobedient; rebellious