Midwest Natural Resources

Updated: 11/12/2020
Midwest Natural Resources
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US Regions - Midwest

US Regions: Midwest

Lesson Plans by Lauren Ayube

The five regions of the United States all have many things about them that make them unique. The Midwest has 12 states and is the only region that is not bordered by a major body of water. It is known for its farming, severe weather, and its low, flat land. The Midwest has some amazing landmarks for tourists to visit, such as The Mall of America and Mount Rushmore. Let’s learn all about the Midwest region and why it is such a great place to live and visit!

US Regions: Midwest

Storyboard Description

What are some of the natural resources in the Midwest region of the U.S.?

Storyboard Text

  • The incredibly fertile soil in the Midwest makes it a perfect spot for growing crops. The Midwest is separated into three "belts", two of which are corn and wheat.
  • The third "belt" is the dairy belt. The northern grasslands in part of the Midwest are ideal for raising dairy cows. They produce much of the country's milk, butter, and cheese.
  • Large deposits of iron ore can be found in the Midwest, making it a large producer of steel.
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