Before and After: Because of Mr. Terupt

Before and After: Because of Mr. Terupt
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Because of Mr. Terupt by Rob Buyea

Because of Mr. Terupt by Rob Buyea

By Lauren Ayube

Because of Mr. Terupt is about how one teacher changes the lives of seven unique fifth graders; it is about kindness, acceptance, friendship, and forgiveness. Students will see themselves in the characters, and teachers will be inspired by Mr. Terupt’s dedication to teaching, love for his students, and the positive influence he has on everyone around him.

Using the Chart Layout in Education

Chart Layout

by Lauren Ayube

A chart is a graphic organizer that simplifies and organizes multiple aspects of data that is associated with multiple topics or items. Charts are used to visually represent information to show the relationship between ideas.

Because of Mr. Terupt

Storyboard Description

How did each character in Because of Mr Terupt change at the end of the story?

Storyboard Text

  • Peter
  • Beginning of the Book
  • That hurt, Peter!
  • It wasn't me!
  • End of the Book
  • I've changed, Mr. Terupt. You'll see!
  • Peter was the class clown, always pulling pranks. Kids didn't really want to be around him because he was always getting into trouble.
  • I just don't understand, mom.
  • I know honey, I know.
  • Peter has learned to calm down and be more mature.
  • Anna
  • Anna was very shy and quiet and did not have any friends. She and her mother, who had her at a young age, were ostracized.
  • Anna speaks up, has friends, and her mother made friends with Jessica's mom.
  • Danielle
  • The new girl said that she doesn't want to be your friend.
  • Danielle got picked on and let Alexia push her around and treat her terribly. She was always upset and didn't know who to trust.
  • Danielle has confidence and lots of friends, including Alexia.
  • Jeffrey
  • Jeffrey was the angry slacker who didn't care about anything of anyone. Why bother?
  • Jeffrey smiles more and likes school and his friends. He has realized that his brother's death is not his fault.
  • Luke
  • Luke was the brainy kid who had a hard time fitting in and nobody noticed.
  • Luke has many friends and has learned to relax and smile more.
  • Alexia
  • Like, you really should be eating a salad, Danielle.
  • Danielle, come sit here!
  • Alexia was the "mean girl". She was constantly putting down her classmates and telling lies.
  • Alexia is kind and friends with everyone. She has apologized and admitted how very wrong she was.
  • Thanks for coming over!
  • Jessica
  • Jessica was the new girl who didn't know anyone.
  • Jessica has become a leader and has made many friends.
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