Favorite Quote Text Connection in New Kid

Favorite Quote Text Connection in New Kid
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New Kid by Jerry Craft Activities

New Kid by Jerry Craft

By Lauren Ayube

Twelve year old Jordan loves to draw, and he’s really good at it. He wants to go to art school, but his parents send him to an upscale school away from his Washington Heights neighborhood. As one of the few African American kids at his school, Jordan must learn to navigate making new friends, ignorance, and finding his place in a seemingly foreign land.

New Kid

Storyboard Description

Have students make text connections by identifying their favorite quote from New Kid by Jerry Craft and describing what it means to them.

Storyboard Text

  • If we weren’t smart, we couldn’t have gotten into this school in the first place, right?Then why do they make it so tough for us? We don’t dress weird. We don’t use a whole lot of slang they can’t understand. We’re not aggressive.
  • I think you just described Andy...
  • I chose this scene because it is a perfect example of systemic racism and prejudice. The teachers and other students treat Drew, Jordan, and other kids of color differently even if they don't outwardly realize it. Meanwhile, Andy, the class bully, acts this way and doesn't get judged or in trouble, while Drew and Jordan are smart, kind, and respectful.
  • Favorite Dialogue Scene from New Kid by Jerry Craft

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