New Kid Plot Diagram

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New Kid Plot Diagram
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New Kid by Jerry Craft Activities

New Kid by Jerry Craft

By Lauren Ayube

Twelve year old Jordan loves to draw, and he’s really good at it. He wants to go to art school, but his parents send him to an upscale school away from his Washington Heights neighborhood. As one of the few African American kids at his school, Jordan must learn to navigate making new friends, ignorance, and finding his place in a seemingly foreign land.

New Kid

Storyboard Description

Have students create a visual plot diagram of New Kid by Jerry Craft, highlighting key scenes or events from the story.

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  • New Kid by Jerry Craft
  • Bye, my baby! I looooove you!
  • Good luck, son!
  • 'Sup, Jordan!
  • We should all hang out and play some Xbox!
  • Winner of the Newbery Medal and the Coretta Scott King Award, New Kid is an entertaining and important story about the racism and prejudice that still exists in America in the present day.
  • I saw it, he slipped!
  • Oh, so you DO know my name.
  • Let's go, Drew. I am taking you to see the Headmaster!
  • Jordan is a 12 year old boy who lives in Washington Heights and goes to a prestigious school in Upper Manhattan. He struggles to fit in at his new school as one of the only kids of color, while also trying to stay true to his neighborhood roots and his desire to go to art school someday.
  • That's PRIVATE!
  • I am very surprised, Jordan. Why are you so angry?!
  • HomeworkRead pages 233-245Worksheet
  • Jordan meets Drew, another African American boy, with whom he has a lot in common. The two boys and Liam, Jordan’s “guide” turned friend, begin hanging out.
  • Have a great summer, guys!
  • While Andy and Drew are arguing in the cafeteria, Andy slips on an apple and Ms. Rawle blames Drew. All that has bubbled up inside of the boys comes out, and they stick up for themselves.
  • Ms. Rawle finds Jordan’s sketchbook and goes through it, accusing Jordan of attacking the school by saying negative things. Jordan points out that everything he is writing and drawing about is true, and that’s the problem.
  • Jordan’s artwork makes the cover of the yearbook, and he feels proud. Everyone signs each other’s yearbooks and says goodbye for the summer. Jordan is actually excited to return next year.
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