Chains Vocabulary

Updated: 11/30/2020
Chains Vocabulary
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Chains is a historical fiction novel set in New York City in 1776. It is the first book in the “Seeds of America” trilogy. The story is told from the perspective of thirteen-year-old Isabel, an African-American girl who is enslaved. While Isabel fights for freedom for her and her younger sister Ruth, the Patriots are fighting against Great Britain during the Revolutionary War.


Storyboard Description

The book Chains is suitable for grades 4-8 with many opportunities for expanding students vocabulary. Creating a visual vocabulary storyboard helps students to remember the definitions of words and recall their context within the story.

Storyboard Text

  • "The crowded buildings confuddled me."
  • "While the fires still raged, groups of soldiers searched for arsonists."
  • "There'll be no more brawling or caterwauling in this kitchen!"
  • (adj.) Extremely confused
  • (n.) People who set fires on purpose as a crime
  • (v.) Making loud noises, yowling like a cat