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Wonder BME Summary
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Wonder Lesson Plans

Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Lesson Plans by Becky Harvey

Wonder is the touching tale about a fifth grade boy, August Pullman ("Auggie"), who was born with a rare combination of genetic anomalies, causing him to look “deformed”. Join Auggie as he goes to public school for the first time in this eye-opening story that helps the reader understand what it is like to be different, to experience bullying, and to persevere.


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  • Auggie Pullman was born with physical abnormalities that have kept him home-schooled until he turned 12. He starts the 5th grade at a new school and has to deal with the difficulty of making friends and bullies.
  • Despite a hard year, Auggie's classmates stick up for him when he is assaulted by older kids while in the woods on the class trip. Even students who once teased Auggie come together to defend him.
  • Principal, Mr. Tushman, congratulates Auggie for his tremendous courage and perseverence. Auggie receives a standing ovation. Auggie says everyone should get a standing ovation at least once in their lifetime.
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