Ser vs Estar - Concept

Updated: 7/13/2018
Ser vs Estar - Concept
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Ser vs Estar - Spanish Verbs

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In Spanish, distinction between ser and estar is critical. Both verbs translate as “to be” in English; however, their uses are very different, which can make learning and mastering the topic a challenge for students. Generally speaking, ser is used for more permanent things like identity, nationality, personality, and physical attributes. It is also used to express the date and time. Contrarily, estar is used for more temporary states like emotion and location. There are also some unusual instances where either verb could be grammatically correct, but the choice alters the meaning of the statement.

Ser vs. Estar

Storyboard Description

Ser vs Estar | Estar vs Ser | Conjugate Ser & Estar

Storyboard Text

  • Personality
  • SER
  • Emotion
  • Heladería
  • La motociclista ES atrevida.
  • Origin / Nationality
  • Alicia ESTÁ muy triste.
  • Location
  • Soy egipcio.
  • Él ES de Egipto.
  • ¡ESTAMOS en Francia!