Tinker vs Des Moines Vocabulary Terms and Definitions

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Tinker vs Des Moines Vocabulary Terms and Definitions
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Tinker vs Des Moines Court Case

Supreme Court Case: Tinker vs Des Moines

Lesson Plans by Matt Campbell

Between 1964 and 1973, millions of Americans took part in a countless number of protests against the Vietnam War. With thousands of young American soldiers being killed every year, the protests and opposition became the fabric of this social movement that defined a generation. In 1965, a small group of students in Des Moines, Iowa made a clothing decision that would soon result in a landmark Supreme Court decision.

Tinker vs. Des Moines

Storyboard Description

Illustrate vocabulary that students will encounter as they analyze the Tinker vs Des Moines case, and other Supreme Court Cases

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  • Symbolic speech is a legal term used to describe nonverbal forms of communication such as flag burning, arm bands, and the burning of draft cards. Symbolic speech is protected under the 1st Amendment as long as it is not seen as a direct threat to others.
  • Inflammatory speech is defined as speech that is likely to rouse excitement, anger, violence, or riots. Speech such as fighting words and true threats are not protected by the First Amendment.
  • Word Of The Day: Respect
  • Tinker vs Des Moines Vocabulary
  • Historically, courts tend to evaluate whether expression or speech in the classroom disrupts the educational process. The educational process is the system aimed at a school's ability to conduct definite learning objectives and processes to the students involved.
  • A dissenting opinion is the opinion filed by a judge who disagrees with the majority opinion. A dissenting opinion represents the side of the case that "lost". If a Supreme Court ruling is 7-2, the side that has only two votes would represent the dissenting opinion.
  • Dissenting Opinion
  • Majority Opinion
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