Answering The Door Social Story

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Answering The Door Social Story
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Social Stories for Social Situations

by Natasha Lupiani

Incorporating storyboard examples of social stories prior to events occurring can help ease individuals into the interactions by demonstrating what might happen. Use our premade social stories today!

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Storyboard Description

Social story example / Social Stories Autism | Create social stories to help students who need help navigating social situations

Storyboard Text

  • Knock Knock
  • Who is there?
  • I'm from Jimmy's Pizza!
  • Just a minute!
  • Janie hears a knock on the door.
  • Before opening the door, she asks who it is and looks out the window. Janie should never unlock the door.
  • The person behind the door provides an answer.
  • Janie leaves the door locked and goes to get an adult, who will open the door.
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