Negotiation Outcomes

Negotiation Outcomes
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Win Win Negotiations

Negotiation Outcomes: Win-Lose, Lose-Lose, and Win-Win

By Marissa Martinez

Though we usually think of one side winning in a negotiation, it is usually a mixture of winning and losing. In this article, Negotiation Outcomes - Win-Win, we explain the topics of win-win, win-lose, and lose-lose.

Negotiation Resources

Negotiation Techniques and Resources

Negotiation is an essential part of almost any job function. Whether you're negotiating a higher salary, trying to close a deal with an important client, or negotiating with your direct reports or employees, developing strong negotiation skills is a must. Start with the free negotiation resources below and become an expert negotiator today!

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Storyboard Description

win-win, win-lose, & lose-lose negotiation example - Negotiation Outcomes

Storyboard Text

  • Win-Lose
  • Lose-Lose
  • Win-Win
  • One side of the negotiation profits at the other's expense. One side of the negotiation comes out ahead.
  • Neither side achieves a desirable result. Both parties are worse off. Failed negotiations are frequently lose-lose.
  • The negotiators find mutually beneficial common ground. Both sides are in a better position than before the negotiation.
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