Discussion Storyboard - MS - Specialized Cells

Updated: 12/4/2017
Discussion Storyboard - MS - Specialized Cells
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Lesson Plans by Oliver Smith

Cells are the building blocks of all living things. The human body contains hundred of different types of cells that each serve a different purpose. Each cell has adaptations that allow it to work effectively within living things. Once students have mastered basic cells, they should move on to specialized cells and their specific functions. The following activities are aimed to help students differentiate between specialized cells through visual aids and vocabulary!

Specialized Cells

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Specialized cells discussion storyboard

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  • Root Hair Cell
  • The long part helps the cell find water.
  • The long part helps the cell move.
  • The long part increases the surface area.
  • The long part is where photosynthesis takes place.
  • Why is the cell shaped that way?
  • Sara
  • Chelsea
  • Jose
  • Curtis