Elements and the Periodic Table Timeline

Elements and the Periodic Table Timeline
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Periodic Table of Elements

By Oliver Smith

All matter is made from just over 100 different types of atoms, which when combined, can make millions of different substances. These types of atoms are known as elements. The periodic table is a simple chart which orders all known elements in order of atomic number. It's often the first thing students are introduced to during any chemistry-adjacent class, and while it can look overwhelming, it doesn't have to be! These activities are designed to make it fun and easy for students to master the periodic table with the help of visual aids.

Elements and the Periodic Table

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Elements and the Periodic Table Timeline

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  • Elements and the Periodic Table
  • Copper was the first metal crafted by humans. It is believed the first copper was mined in the Middle East.
  • Phosphorus was discovered by German scientist Hennig Brand when he heated urine.
  • Lavoisier published a book listing 33 different elements.
  • Einsteinium is an element named after Albert Einstein and was discovered in the debris of the first atomic bomb.
  • Dmitri Mendeleev made the first modern periodic table by arranging the first 64 known elements into a chart.
  • Ts Tennessine
  • 117
  • Named after the US state of Tennessee. It is the last element to be discovered. It has an atomic number of 117 and an atomic mass of 294.
  • 294

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