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I Statements
Updated: 8/14/2019
I Statements
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Unhealthy Relationships

Lesson Plans by Patrick Healey

One in three adolescents will be a victim of either verbal, physical, emotional, or sexual abuse during their lifetime. Ignoring this topic in our schools will not lower these numbers. As teachers, our ability to make an impact on student decision-making is limited to just a small amount of time, and it's important that we address the essentials. Unhealthy relationships can take many forms, and there are some aspects of unhealthy relationships that can be tough to talk about. Introducing the concepts of boundaries, red flags, and the cycles of a relationship gives students the tools to recognize them and make educated decisions.

Unhealthy Relationships

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I Statement Examples

Storyboard Text

  • Sandra sees Mike going through her phone when she was in the bathroom. What can she say to mike using 'I Statements'?
  • I THINK...
  • Mike, I think I just saw you looking through my phone.
  • Oh, hey Sandra.
  • I FEEL...
  • I feel like you are violating my privacy and trust.
  • I WANT...
  • I want you to respect me and not go through my phone without permission.
  • Sorry, Sandra. It won't happen again.
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