The Interlopers Plot Diagram

Updated: 3/15/2017
The Interlopers Plot Diagram
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"The Interlopers" is set in the Carpathian Mountains, with two feuding men, Ulrich and Georg, searching for one another. These two adversaries are involved in a land dispute that goes back three generations, when the land was claimed by Ulrich's family. Ulrich, assuming that Georg is poaching on his land, goes out in search of him with the intent to shoot him. However, when the men come face to face, fate intervenes and a large tree falls on the men, trapping them.

The Interlopers

Storyboard Description

The Interlopers Plot Diagram

Storyboard Text

  • Carpathian woods on a snowy night.
  • Two men, Ulrich and Georg, involved in a family feud, are out searching for one another when a tree falls on them, trapping them in the woods.
  • The men argue about whose servants will arrive first to save their master and kill the other man. After some time, Ulrich attempts to reconcile with Georg and offers him some wine.
  • Georg eventually accepts Ulrich’s offer to be friends, and the men reconcile.
  • They decide to call for help together.
  • HELP!!!
  • No one will ever know the men have reconciled; instead of men coming to help them, a pack of wolves rush towards them.