The Tragedy of Julius Caesar Theme

Updated: 4/18/2019
The Tragedy of Julius Caesar Theme
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Fearing Rome would lose its democracy under the rule of Caesar, Brutus agrees to kill his friend in the name of Rome. β€œIt is not that I love Caesar less, but that I love Rome more.” (Act 3 Scene 2) Conspiring with other senators, Brutus and Cassius stab Caesar to death Caesar on the day of his coronation. Julius Caesar famously says, "Et tu, Brute?" indicating his deep feeling of betrayal.

The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

Storyboard Description

The Tragedy of Julius Caesar Theme activity | Have students illustrate themes in Julius Caesar!

Storyboard Text

  • Brutus persuades himself that killing Caesar is in the best interest of Rome for three reasons:
  • REASON 1
  • REASON 2
  • REASON 3
  • Most people find ambition causes them to forget their friends.
  • If Caesar were to become King, his opinions might change. After all, that is a lot of power.
  • Caesar is dangerous. He is like a snake and must be killed in his shell before he hatches.