Midsummer Night's Dream Literary Conflict

Midsummer Night's Dream Literary Conflict
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A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare

A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare

Lesson Plans by Rebecca Ray

Despite being one of Shakespeare's most popular works, A Midsummer Night's Dream can be a tough play to follow. It contains four plots, and as Puck's work unfolds, things can get a little strange. Watch your students master this comedy and become pros with Shakespeare!

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Storyboard Description

Literary Conflict in Midsummer Night's Dream

Storyboard Text

  • MAN vs. SELF
  • I probably shouldn't tell you this, but Hermia ran away with Lysander. I'm so sorry.
  • MAN vs. NATURE
  • Whoops... Wrong man!
  • MAN vs. MAN
  • Really, Helena! What did you do? Woo them with your height!?​
  • Helena betrays Hermia when she tells Demetrius that Hermia ran off with Lysander.
  • The Flower of Love, and Puck, as a faerie, can both be seen as representing nature. Puck's mischief and the fickle nature of love cause endless confusion among the mortals.
  • Because of Puck's mix up, both Demetrius and Lysander fall in love with Helena, causing a fight between the young Athenians.
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